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Now A Virtual Run

For the health and safety of our community, we are changing the Blue Line Family Run from a large event to a virtual run. It hurts to add one more thing to the seemingly never-ending list of closures, cancellations and disruption to our regular everyday life. Yet, here we are.

All registered runners are now transferred to the virtual race.

Several proactive measures to help cease the spread of COVID-19 at the local and state levels, such as social distancing and restrictions of large-scale events have led us to this decision. With these measures in place for at least 8 weeks, this would put us into the middle of May, well beyond our event date.

You will still receive your shirt, medal, commemorative cup and all things in the goody bag. Multiple packet pick up dates will be updated and communicated soon. Virtual runs will be on the honor system. We trust you to run your best and wear your medal with pride. Be sure to wear your shirt and show off our wonderful sponsors who were also looking forward to being at our event.

We are sad for our outreach organization that will feel the effects of the loss of revenue that this event brings in to use during the holiday season. We cannot offer any refunds as the shirts, medals, all things swag are here. We will miss seeing our amazing supporters and athletes who make this all possible.

That being said, outside is not closed. Go for a run! It’s good for your physical and mental health.

Set a date for your virtual run. Train for it. Work for it. Set your own PR. Then tell us about it! Post in this event space for a virtual fan club. While running is often considered a solo sport by outsiders, I think the running community will agree it’s a very social sport and runners love to cheer each other on. We’d love to see a picture of you wearing your shirt, your route, your time, anything you’d like to celebrate from your virtual run.

Registration for our virtual event will remain open until April 24, 2020 at midnight. After that we will be having on-line exciting opportunities for 2020 registered runners to win free entries to our 2021 race!

Be sure to follow this page and our event for more information on our contests.


We will be drawing names of those runners who shared pictures of their virtual run/walk, and live on Facebook for free entries for the 2021 Blue Line Race! The kiddo’s registered for the free Kids Fun Run will have an opportunity to win a race shirt from this 2020. In these difficult times we are still trying to make this a fun event for our amazing community of runners!

The Blue Line Family thanks you for your continued support. 100% of the proceeds from our events, such as this run, go to benefit the men and women of Wentzville Police Department in times of need and help’s in our community outreach efforts. We wouldn’t exist without our great community.

It’s not too soon to start looking forward to an amazing run in 2021. We will see you there. Registered runners please be on the lookout for an email with more details!





Helping Each Other in Time of Need
The Wentzville Police Department Blue Line Family is a non-profit organization which acts as a support system for employees and their families in times of need. All employees are members of the Blue Line Family by virtue of their employment with the Wentzville Police Department.

Members of the Blue Line Family’s Board of Trustees are elected by the members and, with approval of the Chief of Police, work to develop appropriate guidelines for the impartial distribution of funds to employees and their families in times of need. The Trustees also oversee the management of available resources and organize or direct various fundraising activities.

What activities does the Blue Line Family Support?
The Blue Line Family provides financial assistance as well as other varying types of assistance to employees and their families in the event:

-          An employee suffers death or severe injury while performing their official duties;
-          An employee suffers death or severe injury outside of performing their official duties;
-          An employee’s spouse or significant other (of long term standing) suffers death or sever injury;
-          An employee’s dependent suffers a death or severe injury;
-          An employee’s immediate family suffers a death to their immediate family;
-          An employee suffers from a critical illness or significant surgery;
-          An employee’s spouse, significant other (of long term standing) or dependent suffers a critical illness or    significant surgery.

Community Outreach
During the Holidays, families in need of assistance will be chosen to receive assistance to include meals, gifts and needed supplies.

Families and or persons who are found in the community and are in need may be given assistance to include meals, gift cards for gas or groceries and needed supplies. 

How is the Blue Line Family supported financially?

-          Private donations from citizens, businesses, as well as employees and their families.
-          Profits from the sale of Wentzville Police Department Blue Line Family memorabilia, apparel and gift accessories.
-          Various fundraising activities.

How can you help?
If you are interested in the work of the Blue Line Family and would like to help, here’s how:

-          Make a personal or business donation to the Blue Line Family.
-          Encourage others to become involved in this worthwhile organization by supporting or participating in the Blue Line Family fund-raising activities.

Donations made to this non-profit organization are used for the purposes set out in its by-laws. Benefactors receive no service in return for contributions. 

Thank you for your interest in the Wentzville Police Department Blue Line Family 

Blue Line Family Officers                                                                 Blue Line Board Members
Chaplain Kurt Charlton – President                                                 Chaplain Kurt Charlton - President
Detective Jeremy Jolley – Vice President                                       Sergeant Cindy Aubuchon  

Detective Sean Rosner - Vice President                                         Corporal Andy Wessel
Danielle Bruckerhoff – Treasurer                                                    Nick Nourse
Officer Jessica Davis – Secretary                                                    Gary Taylor

Wentzville Police Department Blue Line Family
1019 Schroeder Creek Blvd.
Wentzville, MO 63385
Main Line: (636) 639-2122
Emergency Calls: Call 911



1019 Schroeder Creek Blvd.

Wentzville, MO  63385


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